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  • HF 004: Little Dreams, Big Goals with Orianne Collins

    There’s more to making a difference than just writing a check. Nobody knows that better than Orianne Collins. Her Little Dreams Foundation helps children around the world overcome the obstacles in their lives to pursue their passions in music, sports, and the arts. While Orianne and her husband Phil have been inspiring others, Orianne’s story is an inspiration in itself. A complication from a 2014 surgery left her paralyzed from the neck down. She’s walking today, with the help of canes and several hours of daily physical therapy. On top of that, Orianne is a mother, jewelry designer, business owner, and has a cosmetic line coming soon. Can’t make it to Miami? Find Orianne’s Jewellery designs at To learn more about the Little Dreams Foundation and their upcoming Foundation Gala, click here 

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