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  • Leo & Randy On Transition (Including Our Podcast)

    Leo’s first book (a book co-authored with Vistage CEO, Leon Shapiro) was entitled The Power Of Peers. After the publication, our podcasting adventures started with The Year Of The Peer, our first iteration where we interviewed over 50 high achievers who taught us that peers should likely be viewed through a much wider lens. Every person is influenced by a variety of people who help us learn and grow. From those interviews, Leo was inspired to write his second book, What Anyone Can Do (a title taken from running coach Joe Henderson who observed that champions differ from others because they do what anyone can do, but most don’t).

    Our individual and joint journey in pursuit of learning and evangelizing the peer advantage continued. We’ve passionately sought to learn more about how all of us can benefit by being more intentional and purposeful in making our circle of influence as useful as possible. It’s not just about our personal leadership, but it’s also about our joint cooperation to serve one another so we can all grow and improve.

    During this pandemic Leo was able to complete his work on his third book, Peernovation. Due to be published this summer, Leo has narrowed his focus – and our focus in the podcast, too – to our most passionate pursuit, helping people learn and leverage the truth that who you surround yourself with matters!

    The work isn’t limited to books and a podcast, but it encompasses all of our work. Within the last year, Leo has launched a new company, Peernovation, aimed at providing deeper insights and service to leaders, individuals, teams, and groups. Together, we’re taking a sharper aim as we follow our belief that together we can accomplish so much more, individually and together. Peernovation is a professional service provider helping leaders build and create more effective teams. Peernovation also serves individuals and organizations who want to achieve elevated personal and group performance.

    Beginning next week we’re rebranding the podcast as Peernovation. Our first guest is scheduled to be Craig Weber, author/speaker, and leader of The Weber Consulting Group. Craig authored Conversational Capacity and Influence In Action, books that provide valuable frameworks on how people can better engage in effective communication for improved performance.


    For ideas on why leaning on your peers and serving one another at this critical time has never been more important, listen to our podcast. If you have questions or ideas for us, contact us today.

    Useful links:

    Craig Weber’s books: Conversational Capacity and Influence In Action

    When In Doubt, Do The Opposite, Leo’s CEO World article

    Leo’s books – The Power of Peers and What Anyone Can Do

    The Peer Advantage – forming now, Randy’s online/virtual charter peer advisory group for SMB owners

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Peernovation with Leo Bottary & Randy Cantrell (formerly What Anyone Can Do)

Peernovation with Leo Bottary & Randy Cantrell (formerly What Anyone Can Do)

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