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  • Leo & Randy On The Launch Of Peernovation

    On today’s show, Leo makes a BIG announcement. 

    Leo is launching Peernovation, LLC. You can read the full press release here at Yahoo! Finance.

    Peernovation will address two major challenges for companies today: 1) The lack of ROI for employee learning and development programs; and, 2) the problem of alignment and employee engagement when implementing strategic initiatives. Bottary, who will serve as managing partner, will be joined by peer advantage group facilitator and podcaster, Randy Cantrell.And…

    Peernovation will also assist organizations that assemble and facilitate peer groups for business leaders by helping members maximize their collaborative experiences to achieve more impactful outcomes.  Bottary added, “When business leaders participate in high performing peer groups, they tend to be more adept at understanding the power of peers and creating more collaborative environments at their companies.”Leo’s booksThe Power of Peers and What Anyone Can Do

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Peernovation with Leo Bottary & Randy Cantrell (formerly What Anyone Can Do)

Peernovation with Leo Bottary & Randy Cantrell (formerly What Anyone Can Do)

Welcome to Peernovation the Podcast with Leo Bottary, and me, Randy Cantrell. Building on our previous shows (The Year of the Peer and What Anyone Can Do),... Read More