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  • Alexander Keehnen On Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

    Alexander Keehnen is founder and CEO of WIN Mastermind, the personal development and business club for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. They practice teamwork to help each other’s businesses grow. Members continuously exchange their expertise, skills and their business connections… on a common journey to live on purpose and have a positive impact in the world.

    Alexander is a leading thinker in efficiency and collaboration who believes that when mature open-minded individuals come together in a trusted environment, life becomes a simple game of ask and receive.



    For ideas on why leaning on your peers and serving one another at this critical time has never been more important, listen to our podcast. If you have questions or ideas for us, contact us today.

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    Leo’s books – The Power of PeersWhat Anyone Can Do, Peernovation (Coming soon!)

    The Peer Advantage – Randy is now interviewing candidates to form his charter online/virtual charter peer advisory group for SMB owners

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