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  • Dr. Gary McGrath

    “Dr. Gary” McGrath has been labeled a unicorn in leadership development. His passion for leadership started when he was an Eagle in the Boy Scouts. After graduating with a dual degree in Mechanical and Metallurgical Engineering he entered the US Army where he commanded a unit of 120 soldiers at the age of 25. He went on to work at several fortune 500 companies and start-up technology companies.

    He completed his formal education earning a Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing (DBA).

    He is the author of two books:

    Mastering Sales Leadership – Learning to Herd Cats!

    A CEOs Journey – The 7 Steps of Intentional Leadership

    Dr. Gary believes in ‘paying it forward’. Each year he volunteers his business expertise to a nonprofit for a minimum of one year. He is currently working with Habitat for Humanity Broward County, Florida. He presently lives in North Carolina with his wife Kristie and his dog Bailey.

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