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  • Dr. Andy Garrett

    A licensed psychologist and life coach, Dr. Andy Garrett has invested decades of his life into understanding and codifying the intuitive spiritual essence of authenticity into an organized, research-backed, defined and modulated personal growth course - “Authentic Growth Blueprint”. This digital master-course is the byproduct of what Dr. Andy has learned in his 15 years of work in a private practice setting in Newport Beach, the life lessons he received from his grandfather - Carl Karcher - a successful entrepreneur and the founder of the Carl’s Jr. household brand - who taught him what it meant to live with authenticity and how to value relationships in a way that are completely transformative and will create a meaningful legacy, and his deep understanding of the science supporting the benefits of Positive Psychology - especially as it pertains to the development of character and establishing character based relationships. Dr. Andy has developed a uniquely powerful, compelling, and practical description of what it really means to be Authentic and then he provides a step by step blueprint for how to establish an Authentic identity and purpose - and how to develop Authentic connection and community. Dr. Andy strives to practice what he teaches with his beautiful and beloved family - and by being an active member and contributor to his local community in Newport Beach, CA.

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