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  • Bob Wheeler

    Bob Wheeler inspires people with his financial acuity, compassion and genuine energy, sharing his simple and effective concept, “The Money Nerve” regarding emotions and money. He teaches people from all walks of life how to for create a healthy relationship with money. His crusade for personal growth and deeper awareness developed from his thirty years of helping clients, while baring his soul onstage as a stand up comedian. Digging down to find clarity and purpose on a personal level motivated Bob to help others to explore their past without judgment and to provide insight for people to recalibrate their mental mindset. Knowing that shame or personal memories about money can affect numbers-based budgets, Bob’s passion to help others gain an understanding about emotional triggers – that often sabotage financial decisions – is transforming lives for thousands of people. Integrating an intentional mind-body balance of energy, certified Radical Aliveness and CORE Energetic Practitioner, Bob has conducted numerous Proactive Abundance and Money at its CORE seminars through the USA and Canada.

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