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  • Camille Gallinger

    Camille Gallinger is a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Vitality Coach and a strong Advocate for COURAGEOUS Self-Care.  Through personal nutrition consultations, 1-on-1vitality coaching, blogging and speaking, she helps her clients regain life and VITALITY, which she personally defines as Energy + Momentum + Joy. With an understanding of what it feels like to be depleted, discouraged and overly-stressed (Camille beat asthma and later, adrenal fatigue), she uses her professional skills and personal experiences to counsel or coach the “tired and the toxic". She goes beyond a “nutrition-only” approach and encourages clients to shift unhealthy mindsets and release “disempowering” relationships that drain their health and vitality just as much as poor eating habits. Now with great respect for setting healthy boundaries and identifying supportive relationships, Camille not only teaches a lifestyle of courageous self-care but emphasizes protecting it once you have re-gained it. 

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