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  • Jeff Tejcek

    There is a rising need for online businesses during the pandemic, especially related to mental health resources. Virtual EMDR has developed a proprietary platform to provide low-cost, self-guided behavioral health therapy. The technique, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), has been used in treatment for 30+ years, although the online use is relatively new. The program can help individuals with depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, PTSD, abuse, trauma, and addiction. Jeff Tejcek is the founder of Virtual EMDR. His company is born from his own need for resources, that led to EMDR therapy, which aided in overcoming childhood trauma. Virtual EMDR became a reality in 2014 after exploring the best way to bring this therapy tool to anyone, anywhere; in a way that removed social stigmas and prohibitive therapy costs. The program has continued to grow since its beginning and has achieved a 90% satisfaction rate among its subscribers following treatment. Jeff is a former journalist and currently lives outside of the U.S. but hopes to return to Colorado in the future.

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