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  • Shelley Golden

    Shelley Golden, the owner of Shelley Golden Style, is an International Personal Branding Image Consultant, Fashion Stylist, and certified color consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Shelley is passionate about helping individuals and corporations create a strong personal brand by boosting confidence and having greater influence to attract ideal clients, both socially and professionally. She believes that wearing the right colors, shapes, and styles for the body you have, attracts the people you want to attract.

    As a fourth generation in the clothing and fashion business, Shelley’s rich experience as an image consultant, fashion stylist, costume designer, costume historian, and tailor puts her in a unique category to understand all the elements it takes to create a powerful and successful personal brand from head to toe. Having lived in Europe and the Middle East for 15 years, Shelley brings her understanding of international style and the nuances of style into the workplace from various parts of the world.

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