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  • Yael Shafrir

    Yael Shafrir is the Chief Marketing Officer of Meet in Place, a global network of innovative meeting spaces designed for an urban boutique hospitality experience. The Meet in Place philosophy is rooted in meeting science, as every design feature and amenity offered serves a unique purpose to make meetings as productive as possible.

    Prior to this role, Yael Shafrir was the Vice President of International Partnerships at Disney-backed storytelling platform, Playbuzz. In this role, she oversaw the creation of international growth opportunities within strategic markets, to execute the company’s evolvement strategy. 

    Yael boasts a strong background in business development within the realm of digital media, where she has utilized her past as a journalist and content specialist. 

    Prior to her role at Playbuzz, Yael was VP of Business Development for Trendline Group where she focused on the company’s cross-media activity, using its digital assets to grow its tangible business.

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