After 25+ years of mentoring women and professionals in business and communications, Deirdre Breakenridge, an author, speaker, and consultant, launched her podcast, Women Worldwide, on C-Suite Radio to give women a voice and platform to discuss their challenging yet rewarding career journeys. Interviewed by Breakenridge, women around the globe share their incredible stories; those who have experienced the heights of success and at times, the agony of defeat. With a vision to impart wisdom and to help people to soar to new heights, Women Worldwide uncovers different perspectives and ways for C-Suite listeners to find their inner strength.

“After tragic stories of young women being harassed and cyber bullied, seeing how the media portrays women, and women being under-represented in media, it’s time to power up the voices and get more women energized through a caring and supportive network of people who know what it takes to achieve success. These women are not afraid to discuss their challenges or even failure along the way,” says Breakenridge.

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