Immensely excited and grateful to be interviewing on C-Suite Radio the remarkable, Jackie Turner on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Jackie and I will be discussing, and sharing with loyal listeners, her triumph over abuse, foster care, and how today she brings comfort to those who are hurting, with an empathy born of a suffering many of us will never have to endure. Jackie was abandoned as a baby by her teenage Mom, then beaten, starved, and neglected by her guardians, abandoned again to the foster care system, then later taken in by her father, who also abused her. She felt like nobody wanted her. As the holidays were approaching in 2013, and holidays being synonymous with family, love, inclusivity – Jackie wrote an ad on Craigslist…asking to hire parents for $8 an hour! The outcome was more than she expected. “Maybe for a couple of hours, just feel like the light of their life for that moment,” she told CBS about what she hoped to achieve with her ad. In advocating for herself, Jackie realized then that there were many people going through the same struggle she was. What Jackie did next was nothing short of selfless brilliance! TUNE INTO LIVING FEARLESSLY TO LEARN MORE OF JACKIE’S PHENOMENAL JOURNEY! #Grateful #Radio #Podcasts #CSuiteRadio #CTRN #Leadership #SelfEmpowerment #Craigslist #PayingItForward #Service #UniversalLove #FosterCareSystem #CBS #Movie #LivingFearlessly