Grateful and Excited to be showcasing and interviewing one of my tangible mentors, and brilliant woman, Dr. Karin Lubin on LivingFearlessly with Lisa McDonald on C-Suite Radio
Karin catalyzes, supports, and inspires people to live their passion with meaning in all areas of life. Drawing from her own experience on high-performing teams, Karin has refined the concept of the enlightened team—and developed a formula for consistently creating invincible, synergistic and empowered teams.
She enjoys sharing this work with “awake” entrepreneurs, leaders, HR & companies around the world. Using this winning formula, teams are strengthened, creativity explodes, & team members are more heart-centered and connected. Karin works closely with Janet Bray Attwood, co-author of the bestselling book, The Passion Test. She is Global Director of the Passion Test Programs and Master Trainer of The Passion Test Certification trainings and The Passion Test for Kids and Teens Adult Certification trainings. She also runs a business with her husband called Quantum Leap Coaching & Consulting.cKarin received her doctorate studying servant leadership characteristics of visionary leaders.cHer own passion these days is sharing how to transform a great team into a Wow team
Karin Lubin, Ed.D
Enlightened Team Consultant
Quantum Leap Coaching & Consulting
Director of The Passion Test programs, Master Trainer & Facilitator
Tel: 1-209-404-8858
Skype: karinlubin
Per FTC guidelines, I wish to inform you that I have read The Passion Test Book, the ebook: From Sad to Glad, used the Passion Test Profile and My Passion Plan, Alliance Secrets, and am a certified Passion Test, Passion Test for Business and Passion Test for Kids and Teens Facilitator and Master Trainer I may receive a commission on any products or services purchased or provided through my business using my Passion Test affiliate link.
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