In the podcast, Socarides expounds upon learning: “We’re helping businesses make money, become more profitable, and connect with clients, but…at the core of what we do is learning. If you’re a senior professional today, you know that the era of lifelong learning is really upon us. That what you knew last year, or two years or three years ago, about doing your job is obsolete.” He goes on to add, “The only way to stay ahead of things, the only way to stay innovative, the only way to continue to deliver…is to continue to stay innovative. And the way you stay innovative is to continue to learn.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Socarides discusses what GLG does. ([1:25])
  • From lawyer to White House to Hollywood to marketing: Socarides’ journey has been an interesting one. ([5:01])
  • Showing people what you do: Socarides discusses GLG’s use of video. ([13:25])
  • Ideas that promote learning for senior professionals and decision makers. ([17:29])
  • Socarides discusses marketing efforts for B2B microconsulting and learning. ([21:03])
  • Creating content that pops: Develop, refine, and repeat. ([23:51])