Reviving An Iconinc Brand – Stuckey’s CEO, Stephanie Stuckey


If you remember Dippity Do, Lite Brite, the sting of Bactine spray on a scraped knee, cigarette machines in restaurants, Sunday drives and road trips with he family, you’re going to enjoy this candid conversation with Stephanie Stuckey, the legacy namesake of the familiar Stuckey’s highway stop.

So, how do you revive an icon, nostalgic brand after a year of neglect?

In this episode of the Customer Experience Advantage Podcast, Stephanie Stuckey talks about growing up with an icon name synonymous with the company founded by her grandfathers, watching the company be run by outsiders and eventually falling into neglect. Purchased back just one year ago, Stephanie is on a crusade to refine the value proposition, refresh the brand, and re-establish the Stuckey’s name as relevant for a new generation.

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