October 8th, 2020

Join the C-Suite Network Council Day to learn about a wide range of industries and collaborate with like-minded leaders working to build wealth, success, and connections.

C-Suite Network Councils are private peer groups of executives organizing to meet the challenges facing business leaders today. Councils are structured based on industry/sector, titles, specific issues and geo locations to maximize member connections and peer insights and designed to open doors across a wide range of industries worldwide.

Every month, the Network hosts ‘Council Days’ — which includes multiple executive sessions throughout the day led by each C-Suite Network Council Chair. You are encouraged to join any and all sessions to make great connections, gain valuable insights, and expertise from top industry leaders.

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Thursday, October 8th

The C-Suite Network community helps executives and thoughts leaders share their content and elevate their brand through reach, relevancy, and reciprocity.

Forces for Good: How Executive Leaders Can Support Social Impact and Corporate Giving

A Blueprint for the Future of the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain

Industry experts will be conducting roundtables and breakout sessions concerning the Future of the U.S. Manufacturing Supply Chain. The following will be addressed concerning the manufacturing supply chain during these discussions:

1- What role does policy play in the success of our national supply chain?
2- How do we positively influence policy creation that helps instead of hinders manufacturing?
3- The COVID pandemic has created major challenges for businesses across the country and manufacturing is no exception. How do we help our manufacturers navigate workforce hurdles during this unprecedented time?
4- Innovation! We know that progress decreases as innovation declines. What role does innovation play in a vibrant manufacturing supply chain and sector?
5- What is a sustainable supply chain and what can we do to make this happen?
6- What is our role in ensuring the rebuilding of the U.S. manufacturing sector?

You will also learn how you, as a manufacturer, can connect with other manufacturers to improve business and increase capacity

Real World Solutions To Increase Your Resiliency And ‘Surge Capacity’

Let’s get real; 2020 has been challenging beyond measure. We have been dealing with tremendous professional and personal stress, uncertainty about the future while navigating through the “new normal” of life. Fortunately, you are not alone in the journey to better days’ ahead!

In this engaging and interactive Digital Discussion, you will hear from founder, Kathleen Caldwell and the esteemed faculty of the C-Suite Network’s Women’s Leadership Council about personal and professional pandemic-tested solutions, and tangible opportunities for the future. Now more than ever, we need strategies to increase our resiliency and ‘Surge Capacity.’

Questions? Contact: Kathleen Caldwell (Cell) 773-562-1061

WOW Team: Optimize Your Staff In Uncertain Times

Stressed staff. Layoffs. Morale issues. 2020 has brought a windfall of anxiety in the workplace — so how do we manage our team’s stress when we’re struggling to manage our own? It all starts with smart strategies for retaining and training staff! The WOW Team method teaches you how to maximize your teams through a deep dive into your company’s values, vision, and mission. It’s more than finding people with the right skills, it’s about finding that perfect combo of being capable and caring about the company’s core values. Let’s get your staff working well together and achieving at these most critical times!

The WOW Team Method Teaches You How To…

  • Work through anxiety and stress in your team so you can grow morale during this time of uncertainty.

  • Align with your staff members and recruits so you can have FUN while making your business’s mission happen.

  • Better communicate with your staff so you can understand where they are and efficiently get them where they need to go.

  • Create meeting cadences that help your teams stay on top of rapid changes and achieve at a higher level.

The Most Effective Leadership Decision Making Process

Everything in your organization starts with your decision making – your planning, execution, culture, talent management, and everything else. How coherent, reliable, well-structured and effective is your decision-making process – or do you even have a real decision-making process?

Join leadership decision-making process expert Steve Lishansky to understand the foundation for driving your organization’s best results and success. You will learn how to engage and align your key executives and your whole organization around your most important decisions, and ensure you get the full impact from a process that keeps everybody focused and productive on what really matters.

Outcomes for the session include:

  • What are the most critical decisions that drive your organization’s effectiveness and success
  • Why it is critical to align your leadership team by utilizing “highest common denominator thinking?”
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and trap doors in typical decision making

“Content is king. Activation is queen. Context is the kingdom.”

If you want to learn the secrets of the trade on how to create engaging, powerful, and insightful content, join our Contributor Huddle, an exclusive community gathering on Thursday, October 8th at 4:30PM EST.

This event is for executive leaders with Contributing Media Services (C-Suite Network Advisors, Best Seller TV authors, C-Suite Radio podcast hosts, and C-Suite TV hosts). C-Suite Network Contributor Huddles feature leaders in media and content marketing sharing their expertise.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create meaningful, powerful content
  • Best practices on how to fully leverage content to accelerate success
  • Increase monetization of your personal intellectual property
  • Collaborate with content producers to maximize impact

Guest Speaker: Tyler Hayzlett – Chief Marketing Officer, C-Suite Network

Join us for another spirited discussion on how to create the biggest impact from the page, the stage, the podcast, and the screen.