November 5th, 2020

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Thursday, November 5th

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Everything in life wishes to reward its contributor.

In fact, every contribution you make turns you into a benefactor, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your contributions.

By donating to your children’s education, they reward you by becoming responsible, disciplined, and productive members of society.

By working for your client’s best interests, they reward you with loyalty and ongoing prosperity.

And by contributing to the health and well-being of your body through exercise and nutrition, it rewards you with responsiveness, flexibility, longevity, and optimal performance.

Those who contribute their time, talents, networks, and personal experience will be repaid in one way or another.

It may seem strange intellectually, but the world begins to conspire for you as whom or whatever benefits from your contributions wishes to respond.

Join us as we go deeper into why contribution is a must in today’s world.

As a successful woman, you use your superpowers to get important projects done and make things happen! But when it comes to voting for your professional and personal priorities, where are you “on the ballot?”

In this engaging and interactive Digital Discussion, you will hear from founder, Kathleen Caldwell and the esteemed faculty of the C-Suite Network’s Women’s Leadership Council about how to ask and get what you want. Learn practical and powerful techniques to enroll and inspire people to work with you and not against you. Now more than ever, we need strategies to vote for ourselves while in the race of a lifetime!

Questions? Contact: Kathleen Caldwell (Cell) 773-562-1061

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Has 2020 left you feeling stuck in survival mode? Business owners have spent this year finding new ways to do business in this economy, but in this session we’ll explore how to go beyond surviving and focus on thriving. Optimizing your business all comes down to DESIGN, and I’ll show you the 3 key areas to focus on for concentrated results. You’ll learn how to draft new roadmaps for your client value journey, business development, and creating the life you want. These strategic improvements will not only help you adapt to your customers’ changing needs, but help you create MORE abundance and MORE life WITHOUT sacrifice!

In This Session, You’ll Learn How To…

  • Design your business around the life that you want
  • Redesign your client value journey to cater to customers’ changing needs in 2020
  • Return to the business development drawing board to create more effective and efficient systems
  • Take care of yourself, your sanity, and your health during these stressful times in business

What is your framework for ensuring thoughtful, effective and productive decision making – regardless of the internal or external turmoil going on around you?

Join decision making process expert, Steve Lishansky, to understand:

  • The process and structure of your decision-making options
  • Why certain decisions serve different circumstances better
  • What levels of impact your decisions influence
  • How to make decisions even with limited information, confusion or disruption

Regardless of what is going on around you, leaders and executives must make effective decisions that influence the best thinking, action, and results of their people and organization. Your decision-making process will produce extraordinary results when done well – or create a mess or even a disaster when done poorly. This is your opportunity to understand and apply the thinking and decision making process that puts you in the best position possible as a leader.