Workflow gives you information to manage your business

Workflow gives you information to manage your business 657 404 C-Suite Network
Workflow gives you information to manage your business

Workflow gives executives the information they so sorely need to both lead and manage their businesses.

Regrettably, workflow is often seen as a narrow technical opportunity or discipline. Something that will allow processes to flow more smoothly, or reduce elapsed time. In reality, workflow is one of the biggest opportunities you may have to invest in speed, flexibility, efficiency, and great customer service.

However, this will only be true if your workflow design goes further than helping you manage the baton-passing from one function to another – it must also provide you with a rich source of insight on what is really going on within your own operations.

Yet how is this so? Well, imagine that today you are responsible for a process whereby customers can apply for a service. Currently one department receives the customer call, another checks the application to ensure all the details are correct, another checks that the basic infrastructure is in place to provide the service, another books the resources to do the work, and only then does another team start the value-adding work.

Let’s also imagine that you have noticed a disturbing growth in the backlog of service requests. Furthermore, your complaint numbers are not looking pretty, largely because of slow service. What is even more concerning, is that you do not really have the information you require to identify the causes of these problems.

You need to know at which steps of the process the issues are occurring, with which teams, and for what reasons, i.e. you need to be…