WOMEN IN TECH Multitasking CTO Heather Wilde: Making the World More Like Star Trek Than Skynet

WOMEN IN TECH Multitasking CTO Heather Wilde: Making the World More Like Star Trek Than Skynet 620 360 C-Suite Network

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In this exclusive interview, Wilde shares with TechNewsWorld her insights on how women can get ahead in tech, offering pearls of wisdom like this one: “Don’t just stick with the girls.”

ROCeteer and TWIP CTO Heather Wilde
ROCeteer and TWIP CTO Heather Wilde

TechNewsWorld: You have many different interests and projects. What is the focus of your work at the moment?

Heather Wilde: I care about helping more women get into technology, so I spend a lot of time teaching girls from sixth grade to high school so that they’re more educated about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, and I’m also chair of the engineering school’s advisory board at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to help steer the school toward new directions. One of the subcommittees is working with the Solar Decathlon, which is a government project that runs every four years, and students around the world compete to create a house of the future.

TNW: Describe the two companies you’re currently working with, ROCeteer and TWIP. What do they do, and why are you passionate about their missions?

Wilde: ROCeteer is a consultancy that helps other companies get off the ground. We help them identify what their goals are in order to help them grow and scale. It’s made up of people like myself, and we’re also trained as coaches. We are consultants who can go in and do the work, but our real benefit is we can bring forth from other people the skills they need to get the job done themselves. When they engage with us, we can train and mentor and coach them to build their businesses on their own. When we’re gone, people can stand on their own.

With TWIP, we’ve created a platform for people to find other people to travel with, based on their travel personality. Everyone is different when they travel. By identifying that travel behavior, we can match you with like-minded travelers and experiences you’ll enjoy.

TNW: Describe your career path — how did you arrive where…