Win the Enterprise, Win the Consumer

Win the Enterprise, Win the Consumer 254 45 C-Suite Network

DocuSign CFO Mike Dinsdale discusses how it became the standard for digital transaction management on MYOB, premiering on C-Suite TV Oct. 21. His interview with Jeffrey Hayzlett was filmed at the premier C-Suite Network Conference in Dallas.

The fifth episode of MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) features DocuSign’s Chief Financial Officer, Mike Dinsdale, talking with host Jeffrey Hayzlett about DocuSign’s period of hypergrowth and how DocuSign is leading the charge in the digital transaction management landscape.

With over $100 million in their coffers and over 1,000 employees, DocuSign is one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. The company is always looking for ways to innovate, expand and accelerate its business and one sure way of doing that is by adopting and believing in the philosophy that winning the enterprise also means winning the customer. Consumers demand a secure system they can trust and DocuSign believes they have the tools in place to continue generating such a high consumer confidence. By 2020, it is predicted that Digital Transaction Management (DTM) will become a $30 billion industry.

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