Will work with local partners to customise solutions for India: NetAPP CTO

Will work with local partners to customise solutions for India: NetAPP CTO 620 464 C-Suite Network

Interview with Mark Bregman

NetApp, NetApp chief Mark Bregman
NetApp chief technological officer Mark Bregman

More businesses globally are shifting towards mobile-based services from the traditional model. This means the shift of processes and data on the cloud, often resulting in better customer experience. While the emergence of cloud-based storage service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google has ‘disrupted’ the market for IT companies, global storage firm NetApp believes not every business information will move to the cloud. In an interview with Ayan Pramanik, Mark Bregman, chief technology officer, NetApp, speaks about customers’ increasing demand for flexibility, how Indian talent and partners will add to global delivery, and new partners in the offing.

You said that people are realising Netapp is more than just a storage company. What do you mean by that?

Storage remains important, but the real value is in the customers’ data. Frankly, our focus is shifting beyond storage to include data management and helping customers understand between on-premise and cloud. We are kind of moving up the value chain, closer to the value of the data as opposed to just the storage of the data. We have been moving a lot of our capabilities into the cloud. We have our ONTAP cloud solution, which provides storage capabilities both on-premise and on the public cloud. For example, within Amazon Web Services (AWS) the customers can use ONTAP and it gives them the benefit data compression, efficiency and data management.

When it comes to the transformation of physical storage to cloud, there are companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and others. Do…