Why Virtual Conferences Will Not Replace Face-to-Face Meetings

Why Virtual Conferences Will Not Replace Face-to-Face Meetings 254 45 C-Suite Network

While virtual or streaming conferences can be effective, they cannot replace the feedback received from interacting with an audience face to face. Jeffrey Hayzlett, noted speaker and C-Suite Network co-founder, weighs in on the crucial networking experiences in-person conferences provide.

While digitally streaming conferences is a hot trend right now, event industry speaker and consultant Jeffrey Hayzlett believes that no amount of technology will replace face-to-face conferences. We spoke with Hayzlett by phone to get his perspectives on the industry and why  virtual conferences will not eclipse in-person communication.

“I think it’s because we’re human beings and human beings liked to be around other human beings,” Hayzlett said about in-person meetings. ”We’re not computers. We’re not digital devices. Those things are there to help us and utilizing those are nice, but it doesn’t replace the need to be able to see, touch, feel and utilize all the senses that you have available.”

Hayzlett feels that there are pros and cons to both digital and face-to-face events. “Sometimes, it’s cost,” he said. “Sometimes, it’s time away. Sometimes, it’s travel. And then, on the digital side, you can’t be positive of the immediacy, the reach, the scope that you can get to more people. And sometimes, it’s much more convenient.”

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