Why sustainable success starts with leading from within

Why sustainable success starts with leading from within 700 466 C-Suite Network
Nikki Fogden-Moore

Transformational leaders evolve rather than resolve – they are agile, authentic and committed, both at work and at home. They are the CEO of their business and their life. However there is an art to getting this right.

According to Fortune 500 too many CEO’s fail at their jobs – about a quarter of CEO departures were involuntary – for a variety of reasons. Forced out due to performance or stakeholder issues, stress, decision making processes and not being aligned with a new board or the new direction of the company.

Leadership can be a lonely road. The collateral damage of leadership without a balance is not just at work – but also at home. Felix Lluberes, President and Co-Founder of Position Logic stated that balancing family life with work performance was one of the biggest challenges.

Great leaders know they need to be healthy, wealthy and wise. To lead from within, lead by example and then lead others. It starts with these 3 core pillars…