Why I Wear a Mask

Why I Wear a Mask

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There’s something to be said for the tireless hours essential workers and medical professionals have endured in the last few months. They’ve risked their lives, separated themselves from their families, and endured long hours on the frontlines, constantly on their feet and sleep-deprived. They are true heroes.

We’ve come together as a community to clap for healthcare workers and first responders at 7 PM, given blood, donated money and supplies and even sent food to nearby hospitals and medical facilities to show our support.

But it’s not enough.

Medical professionals across the country are asking for just one act of societal kindness and mutual respect for each other; wear a mask.

The members and employees of the C-Suite Network have all shared their personal reasons for wearing a mask. Some do it to protect their families, communities, and loved ones; others do it to show regard, follow the guidelines, and to be part of the solution.

For me, it’s my personal belief that today — more than ever, business leaders need to uphold a duty of care, a responsibility to ensure that they, and others, are safe in the workplace.  Our economy has suffered massive losses throughout the pandemic, and we’re desperately trying to help businesses stay open …as safely as possible.  It is our duty as business first responders.

As business leaders, it’s our collective responsibility to do as much as possible to flatten the curve to keep driving and thriving.

None of us are COVID-19 experts. While we can’t see it, we realize the severe effects it can have. We’re finding out how our own actions can impact others in a profound way based on the precautions we take ourselves, even if we don’t show symptoms. Being asymptomatic doesn’t mean you can’t transfer the virus. It’s short-sighted and can have serious effects to the elder community, those with underlying conditions, and to society as a whole.

A recent article in Forbes by Dr. Mark Smolinski summed up the critical need for all of us to get involved:  “Coronavirus lays in wait to move from one person to another, as the percentage of people with asymptomatic infection is quite high. My chances of getting infected, therefore, are not solely based on my actions, but are also impacted by the behaviors of those around me,”.

I’ve said it often – I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nurse and I can’t sew a mask, but I can certainly stand with the community and do my part to protect and serve as a business first responder. And wearing a mask is by far the easiest of those duties.

A few months ago, we launched C-Suite Supplies; a trusted marketplace offering business owners quality medical supplies and equipment, helping companies through the proverbial storm to keep their staff and customers safe. With COVID-19 cases again on the rise in America, as well as scientific research confirming that airborne transmission is the route of the Coronavirus cause, it’s no mystery on how we can slow down, and eventually stop, the spread of this unpredictable illness. There is still so much more we need to learn about this virus, wearing a mask is the first step in flattening the curve and preparing to return to normal – whatever that may be.

It’s not an easy time to stay indoors, so as the country trails through the summer months ahead, uphold your own personal duty of care and set the precedent for those around you. Whatever your reason in wearing a mask may be, it’s appreciated by the community, the C-Suite Network, and most of all, the hardworking medical professionals who are busy saving lives.

Be the change. Be a hero. Wear a mask!

We will get through this together.