When the Boss Goes On Vacation: 5 Favorite Vacation Spots from 5 CEOs

When the Boss Goes On Vacation: 5 Favorite Vacation Spots from 5 CEOs 700 450 C-Suite Network
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From the perspective of the employee, it feels like the boss can take a vacation whenever he/she wants, but in truth, it’s much more complicated than that.

However, even the most diligent of CEOs do need their vacations from time to time just like everyone else. In order to shed light on where is it exactly that those big guns go on their vacations, let’s look at five of the destinations that the top CEOs prefer, as stated by themselves.

  1. Carneros, California (Niccolo de Masi – Chairman and CEO of Glu Mobile)Right in-between Napa and Sonoma Valley, Carneros has some absolutely breathtaking views that de Masi enjoys, along with the local chardonnay and the pinot noir.

    The CEO and Chairman of the multi-million dollar mobile gaming company also stresses the fact that Carneros is surprisingly less crowded than one would expect. A perfect spot for a romantic weekend, it isn’t hard to see why the newly-wed CEO likes it so much.

  2. Hawaii (Steven Zylstra – President & CEO of Arizona Technology Council)A big Harley Davidson aficionado, Steven Zylstra loves cruising on a rented Harley through the three islands of Kauai, Maui and Big Island with his wife. His favorite activities include hiking through the Napoli Coast and the drives that lead to Volcano National Park and Heavenly Hana. Of course, while they are there, he and his wife doesn’t shy away from snorkeling and sun bathing either.
  3. France (Nancy Ham – CEO of WebPT)CEO of the number one physiotherapy software in the world, Nancy Ham finds France to…