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VoiceAmerica Business – The Bob Pritchard Show 150 150 C-Suite Network

The only person who can really put you out of business is the customer, yet so few entrepreneurs actually listen to their customers. Thomas White speaks with Bob Pritchard about leadership skills. CEO is a lonely job, which is why it’s so important to build a network of business leaders. Speaking to peers allows you to gain fresh perspective and quickly resolve issues related to the industry.

95 percent of all businesses fail within 10 years. Most small to medium businesses struggle to make wages. Bob Pritchard is a highly regarded expert with a track record of identifying the issues facing businesses and determining simple solutions to make them highly profitable.

Despite the glitz and glamor, Entertainment operates in the same way as any other business and as we live in a Celebrity obsessed society, people will enjoy this segment. Some of the best Business and marketing screw ups illustrate in a funny and impactful way some of the pitfalls that can be encountered in business, what went wrong and why.

Every business discipline from leadership to corporate culture, marketing to customer service, seeking investment to using social media, sponsorship, hospitality and many others. Straight talking, nothing is off the table and nothing is taboo. The Bob Pritchard Show is broadcast live every Tuesday at 5 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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