VMware CTO to head up new Dell IoT division

VMware CTO to head up new Dell IoT division 620 349 C-Suite Network

Dell Technologies has launched a new IoT division, headed up by VMware CTO Ray O’Farrell.

The IoT Solutions Division will seek to orchestrate the company’s IoT strategy across the Dell Technologies “family”, which includes Dell EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal and Dell.

At an event in New York to launch the division, the company talked up the importance of having a “distributed core”, which acts as a bridge between the IoT devices at the edge and the cloud, reducing latency to allow near-instant decision making.

Dell Technologies CEO, Michael Dell, gave the example of being in an autonomous car when a deer jumps out in the road. If the decision were made in the cloud, rather than in the vehicle, the latency is such that “you might as well put venison on the dinner menu”.

Speaking on his new role and the new initiative, O’Farrell pointed to Dell’s pedigree in distributed computing, as well as…