Three Strategies To Avoid The Post-Vacation Blues

Three Strategies To Avoid The Post-Vacation Blues 960 564 C-Suite Network

So, you took the plunge and went on vacation. Congratulations! But now, at T-1 before you have to fire back up your laptop, you’ve got a terrible case of Sunday night anxiety. So bad, in fact, it’s making you wonder whether you should’ve even gone in the first place…

You’re not alone. Stress over returning to “a mountain of work” is the most common reason employees forfeit their vacation days according to the 2017 State of American Vacation Report.

Coming back to work after a vacation is a challenging and disorienting experience, particularly if you were able to fully disengage during the break. Here are three things you can do to ease your way back in and hit the ground running.

Minimize The Re-entry “Noise” Before You Leave

Set a strong Out of Office message to minimize unnecessary emails. Here are a few options for how to word it for the best results. If you get automatic notifications from a knowledge sharing site, be sure to turn those off as well so you don’t get overwhelmed with them upon your return.

Ask your team members to avoid cc’ing you on emails. Instead, ask them to write you a “While you were away” memo highlighting key decisions, new opportunities and progress which was made on key projects. Ask them to send it the Friday before you return so that you can read it on your return flight. This strategy is a low stress way to get reoriented…