Third IPO Using Regulation A+ Lists, How This Worked For ShiftPixy

Third IPO Using Regulation A+ Lists, How This Worked For ShiftPixy 960 720 C-Suite Network

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Third IPO Using Reg A+ Lists
Third IPO Using Reg A+ Lists


Third IPO Using Reg A+ Lists

ShiftPixie Lists On The NASDAQ:(PIXY), Completing The Third Regulation A+ IPO In Three Weeks.

ShiftPixy today listed on the NASDAQ: PIXY, marking the success of their Regulation A+ IPO. There have now been three Reg A+ IPOs in the last three weeks. On June 12thMYO listed on the NYSE through their Reg A+IPO, then on June 16thADOM listed on the NASDAQ having used Regulation A+ for their IPO as well.

At this point, it’s fair to say that the momentum of the Reg A+ industry is accelerating. These three IPOs demonstrate that Reg A+ is a viable method by which to take small-cap companies public. To see the advantages of using Reg A+ for IPOs to The Big Board and the NASDAQ Click here.

ShiftPixy has an innovative and disruptive business model. When companies become their client, ShiftPixie takes over the responsibility for employment compliance for their part-time and shift workers. The employees switch to become employed by ShiftPixy, with the advantage that they can work not as independent contractors but as employees, enjoying the protections of workers’ compensation coverage and get access to healthcare and 401K benefits as a result. The client company benefits from a less complex and lower overhead way to grow their business.

The company raised $12 mill of capital at a pre-money valuation of $159 mill at $6 per share, from approximately 450 investors, with a minimum investment per investor of $600 and with an approximate average investment amount of $26 k. This indicates that most of the investors came through the efforts of the broker-dealer syndicate. Scott Absher, CEO, and Founder told me that the syndicate assembled by WR Hambrecht included more than 15 broker-dealers. When investors inquired about the offering at the company’s website Scott’s team referred them to members of the broker-dealer syndicate – a good way to gain the attention of their account representatives.

The company plans to introduce an App in the fall of 2017 for employees to find work with other ShiftPixie clients. The capital raised will enable ShiftPixy to…