The Business of Innovation, Staying Relevant, and the Nostradamus of Marketing: C-Suite TV's Summer Kick-Off Features Interviews With Leading Executives Working to Bring Their Companies Into the Future

The Business of Innovation, Staying Relevant, and the Nostradamus of Marketing: C-Suite TV's Summer Kick-Off Features Interviews With Leading Executives Working to Bring Their Companies Into the Future 500 500 C-Suite Network

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jun 14, 2016) – Executive Perspectives, one of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV, has announced their early summer programming. Executive Perspectives will feature one-on-one interviews with Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, GE, Joe Hart, President and CEO, Dale Carnegie Training and Faith Popcorn, Founder and CEO, BrainReserve.

Beth Comstock, Vice Chair of GE, sat down with Jeffrey Hayzlett to talk about the current state of GE and how they are embracing the digital future. The GE brand is synonymous with greatness and her challenge was bringing a 140-year old company into the future. Regardless of how long you’ve been in business; you should always be thinking about what your next steps will be.

A company like GE, that started with a man and a light bulb, is looking to merge their industrial beginnings with the digital future. Comstock states, “A great brand has to be true, there has to be an authenticity, but it’s also aspirational. It’s okay that you are not there, yet in some ways you are declaring to the marketplace ‘hey this is where we see the future going, we want to go there come with us help us make it a reality.'” Comstock also feels that companies and customers should figure this out together.

Joe Hart is President and CEO of Dale Carnegie Training — a leader in professional development, performance improvement, leadership training, and employee engagement. Hart talked to Hayzlett about the biggest opportunity the company has to do — tell their story by doing transformative things with their brand, messaging, and other components like their global franchising network. Throughout a series of courses that aim to build a continuing connection to customers, Hart looks to tackle the “global leadership crisis” — defined as a fundamental crisis in confidence and breakdown in trust between employees and leadership.

This is a crucial aspect for everyone, especially millennials — since they are conditioned in speaking up if they don’t like what they see in a company or leadership and are even willing to walk away if leadership doesn’t meet their expectations. Hart states that the fundamentals of millennials are the same as everyone else; however, the human interaction is different and the delivery of that interaction is done digitally. Hart also tackles the biggest factor for employee disengagement, inauthentic leadership. When someone isn’t reliable, there’s a breakdown in trust and trust is the foundation for any relationship.

Faith Popcorn is often referred to as the “Nostradamus of marketing” for her ability to accurately predict future trends. As the Founder and CEO of BrainReserve, she’s known as a “futurist” and is constantly looking for patterns and trends that will have a big impact on all of our lives. Popcorn says that one of the hardest things for companies to do is embrace the future and see it as more than just a fad. They need to be interested in the truth and stresses how smart companies “adapt to future trends.”

As an industry pioneer, she predicted back in 1981 how people would spend more time at home, doing things they would normally do outside, like dining or going to the movies. As someone always on the cutting edge, Popcorn tells Hayzlett that the next trend is already here: customization. People want things that are tailored to their needs and lifestyles and more companies are looking to cash in on this. The future will also include a combination of people and robots.

All episodes of Executive Perspectives are hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett and can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business executives a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

“We’re ready to kick off the summer with a number of great interviews that I think our audience will benefit from. Everyone knows GE is a company on the cutting edge of all things innovation and my interview with Beth showcases how they have managed to merge their industrial beginnings with their future in digital,” Hayzlett said. “Joe Hart and Faith Popcorn encompass everything that’s fresh and forward-thinking about business. Their no-nonsense approach is something I admire and their dedication to their craft should be inspiring to anyone looking to take that next step in business.”

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