The 4 different types of CTO – which one are you?

The 4 different types of CTO – which one are you? 634 411 C-Suite Network
Chief Technology Officer Types
‘CTOs will play a crucial role in protecting a company’s networks and data from malicious attacks, facing more exposure to, and culpability for, breaches of data security’

Whilst the nature of the role often varies greatly from company to company, four broad categories of CTO have been identified by Access Alto.

1. Infrastructure commander

• Charged with overseeing the data, security, maintenance and network for a company.

• Implements the business’s technical strategy, but doesn’t set it.

• Manages the overall technology roadmap of the business.

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• Likely to be recruited into an established company, rather than part of a startup.

2. Technology visionary

• Conceptualises how technology is to be used in the company.

• Sets the technical strategy for the company to enable it to achieve its goals.

• Seeks out the current and future technology that will drive the company’s success.

• Likely to have been with the company since its inception.

3. Customer champion

• Operates as the conduit between customers and the business itself.

• Responsible for customer relations, understanding the target market and influencing the delivery of IT projects accordingly.

• Drives technology to deliver customer excellence in UI and UX.

• The customer champion is common within tech companies with a software focus.

4. Big thinker

• Stretches the boundaries of how technology is used within the business and is encouraged to operate ambitiously.

• Plays a leading part in setting the corporate strategy and driving overall technological infrastructure.