Should I Text in Business?

Should I Text in Business? 1024 687 C-Suite Network

by Lewis Denbaum

texting in business

Texting has taken over the cell phone world. The average person sends 350 texts per month but only makes 200 cell phone calls in the same period. Although most texting is personal, more people are using texting in business settings.

Using text messages internally is an easy decision. Find out if your colleague is a “texter” and decide whether it works for both of you to communicate via text. Otherwise, don’t assume your text messages are going to be read in a timely manner by your colleagues, especially the older they are.

Using text messages externally is a harder decision.  Do you want to be that casual with suppliers, customers or prospects?  As a particular business relationship develops, in time, texting may become an acceptable — even welcomed — method of communication. In the beginning of a business relationship, the safest communication choices are telephone and email. 

As Lorie Hailey wrote in the article “Texting with the Right Touch” for the Lane Report: “Make sure your text message follows the Cs of good communication: be clear, correct, concise and courteous… Consider the audience and purpose of the message.”

When in doubt, ask, “What method of communication would you prefer that I use with you?”

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Lewis DenbaumLewis Denbaum is the CEO, Chief Communication Consultant, Executive and Life Coach at Lewis Denbaum and Associates. He knows from firsthand experience that top-notch communication skills are key to productivity, team building, employee satisfaction and company growth. He has developed and honed a range of effective communication techniques during his diverse career, spanning law and accounting, senior-level management, teaching and relationship coaching, that are applicable in any business environment. Connect with Lewis on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter @LewisDenbaum.