T-Mobile Starts Building Low-Band Wireless Network in the Sticks

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T-Mobile also plans to use the low-band spectrum to accelerate deployment of next-generation 5G mobile service.
It spent about US$8 billion to gain access to millions of potential wireless customers in small communities where access to wireless and broadband coverage has been limited due to low-density populations and high buildout costs.
The one area where it has not grown is the rural U.S., he told the E-Commerce Times.
Up to 38 million rural viewers are at risk of losing access to free public television with the change to new frequencies.
Qualcomm’s RF Front End technologies, including dynamic antenna tuning, were designed to operate in the 600-MHz spectrum without having to increase antenna size or compromise RF performance.
Both Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which is part of its 835 mobile platform, and its WTR5975 RF transceiver will support 600 MHz, according to Tran. “Frankly, T-Mobile is a little late to the party,” said Verizon Wireless spokesperson Meagan Dorsch. “Low-band spectrum such as T-Mobile is now deploying is what we started deploying years ago,” Dorsch said, “and what our customers are using now.
Our 4G LTE network, using 700 MHz spectrum, is the largest in the country.