Payless Demonstrates the Amazing Power of Branding

Payless gave us a valuable clinic on the power of branding—and a stunt that I’ll certainly be sharing with my marketing students for many years. But in (at least a partial) defense of those eager buyers who were taken in by the ruse, let’s take a step back and look at the situation from their perspective.

The Sudden Death of Products and Services

Traditionally, “products and services” were easy to define and identify. Today, a new tradition has taken over: consumers and corporations are looking for more than just products and services. In this article, by internationally recognized best-selling author, Chris Westfall, find out the one thing that your customer wants most of all. Do you know what it is?

Politics, Obstruction and REAL Leadership

When the flow of information stops, leaders can’t lead. Listening only to your own voice will only get you so far. Here’s how to remove obstructions, and focus on new results (for yourself and your teams). Valuable guidance from C-Suite Advisor, Chris Westfall, the author of LEADERSHIP LANGUAGE (coming from Wiley in the fall of 2018).