Interview with Eugene Giller founder and CTO of Rize Inc. 3D printers

Amongst the 250+ exhibitors at this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, I was given the opportunity to speak to Rize Inc. founder and CTO Eugene Giller.
By combining material jetting with common FFF, Giller and his team of engineers developed the Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process.
The technology also allows color gradients, with space for full color spectrum developments in the extra MYK units beside the print head.
Asking Giller about the future of the technology, he explained “Customer demand is different from what I’d like.
Giller added that there are additional plans to expand Rize One’s feedstock selection, including further experimentation with multiple materials.
Like most polymers however, it is based on natural gas, and can withstand medical grade sterilization.
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