Tony Drexel Smith

For 25 years, Smith has led internal and external teams that have developed an average of 50 capital formation packages per year that range from $500,000 to $10 Million (or more, in some cases). Blue Moon Advisors has developed an approach to package development that is comprehensive and proven, while also being agnostic to industry, sector, sub-sector, stage of development, capital type and amount.

For nearly 10 years, Smith and his teams created a proprietary “Capital Readiness Report™” (CRR) which serves as a private sector rating process to provide the alternative, speculative capital market with an algorithmic, objective and subjective process to assess the feasibility of capital funding.

He and his team developed a 4-step process for companies to gain access to capital that includes: (1) A complimentary situation analysis; (2) A Capital Readiness Report; (3) Development of the correct documentation for the type of capital the project is most likely qualified for (The package of materials is referred to as the “Certified Business Plan.”; (4) Continual management of the documentation on a virtual portal which includes supervising and implementing the company’s exit plan and repayment of capital.

Since 1993 Smith has heard approximately 8,000 elevator pitches; been hired by more than 1,400 companies and completed more than 700 projects. Since 2008, Smith has managed over 300 projects; CRR Clients that scored 925 (or better) through the Capital Readiness Report process have experienced an 80% success rate in sourcing their capital. Moreover, of those that scored 925 (or better), 75% are still in business today.

Smith specializes in alternative, speculative and creative financing for early-stage companies. He has led teams that built financial packages through 45 different forms of capital including but not limited to Reg A, Reg D, EB-5, JOBS Act equity crowdfunding, private equity ultra-high-net-worth subscriptions, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital, private equity banking, revenue participate notes and private lending. Smith’s personal preference is to work on Pro-Forma development, valuations, business plans, feasibility studies, market research, and analysis.

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