Tony Chatman

President, Chatman Enterprises, Inc.

Tony Chatman helps people perform at their best.

As a keynote speaker, Tony’s passion is contagious. He instills audiences with an understanding of the fundamental differences in how people think and act, enabling them to make a real connection with others – whether at work or at home.

This understanding leads people to achieve goals productively, through listening and leadership.

Since 2003, Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better.

His keynote speeches provide practical, usable knowledge that people use immediately for business and personal success.

Recognized as a “tremendous speaker and presenter” with “phenomenal stage presence and intensity,” Tony delivers learning events that consistently garner enthusiastic reviews. Whether small or large groups up to 6,000, audience members feel that he is speaking directly to them because of his ability to connect with everyone, no matter their background.

As an author, Tony is completing his first book: Why I Hate My Job: What Leaders Must Understand About the Human Dimension of Leadership. The book focuses on the effect of poor management on morale, performance, retention, and the bottom line and provides real-world approaches to develop high-caliber managers.

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