Sharon Smith

Founder & Principal Consultant, C-Suite Results

Since 2005 Sharon has worked globally with companies from a single location to Fortune 100 providing consulting and advisory services around their security and compliance initiatives. Sharon is currently a CISSP and CCISO and has previously held the CISA, CEH, CFE, and PCI-QSA certifications.

Sharon’s past work has spanned a broad security spectrum as a security consultant, auditor, and advisor. She has conducted security and compliance assessments for SOX, HIPAA, and PCI, along with organizations internal compliance initiatives, general security concerns and has worked as an Internal IT Auditor.

She has seen 100s of ways to implement security and 100s of ways not to implement security. She understands what works and what does not work and brings this depth and breadth to your organization. Sharon understands the challenges of the security industry and the adversity the security professional is up against, especially the encounters that the CISO, CSO, and other security executives deal with every day. She not only understands the technology they work with, but also the challenges in getting business buy in and support. Sharon is gifted in taking technical and complex topics and communicating them to the business and non-technical side in a way that makes sense and bridges the typical communication gap amongst these groups.

Because Sharon expanded her education in the area of professional coaching she also has a deep understanding and appreciation for the culture that is needed to keep a security team engaged and
productive. In addition to working with organizations on security strategy, Sharon helps these executives create effective messaging and a culture of security throughout their organizations.

Sharon received her BBA in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University and her Masters in Forensic Science, High Technology Crimes from The George Washington University.

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