Peter Lisoskie

CEO, Creation LLC

Peter is a technology innovator and 30 year veteran in product development. He holds 12 patents. As a Division Manager for Hewlett Packard, VeriFone, and Nike, he helped devel¬op over 100 new products. While at Nike, he led the development of one of the first Virtual Reality glasses in the world.

Currently, Peter is innovating a new category of software called Real-Time Marketing that delivers real-time engagement based on customer’s Interest Profiles when they are in the experience to produce increased revenue and ROI. On the client-side we’ve developed PointHere Technology™ to scan codes with a smartphone camera to instantly enter what we call an Openless App™. Openless Apps™ mean no downloads but have similar functionality to a native phone app. Talking animated avatars that use artificial intelligence and neuroscience are used entertain, engage, and foster conversion.

On the business-side we’ve developed a Dashboard Engagement system to monitor and deliver real-time marketing messages and offers while the customer is in the experience – physical or mentally.

Real-Time Marketing is the next generation of marketing that solves the issues and expense of spray and pray marketing – that is one-to-many marketing creates friction, noise, and customer blindness. What’s needed is an easy lead capture and one-to-one customer engagement based on their interest and buying profiles.

Peter is a keynote speaker speaking at different conferences this year: 10X Business Conference (Irvine, CA), PodFest (Orlando, FL), Entrepreneur Summit (Dallas, TX) and PaymentsED Forum (Boston, MA).

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