Patricia Iyer

President, The Pat Iyer Group

Pat Iyer loves to help experts of all kinds translate their knowledge into white papers, blog posts, books, articles and online courses. Speakers, consultants and coaches hire Pat to help them shortcut the creative process and produce a work of which they are proud. Using her analytical and communication skills, Pat founded, developed, expanded and sold a multi-million dollar legal nurse consulting business. Her 28 years of working with trial attorneys taught her the importance of precise language, proofreading and editing. She trained over 200 expert witnesses on how to clearly express themselves. Pat has been a member of National Speakers Association since 2008. She’s applied the knowledge she gained from NSA to her business activities and presentations. The National Nurses in Business Association honored Pat with the Vanguard Award in 2018 for her impact, inspirational leadership and extraordinary contributions to nurse entrepreneurship. Pat earned a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.

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