Maya Holihan

President, Loyalty Networking

Maya is the President of Loyalty Networking, a business-to-business platform that offers professionals a system to become a network partner and earn income by deploying networking as a marketing strategy to grow their referral base and support their business goals. Prior to Loyalty Networking, she owned one of the largest retail wedding businesses in the country; purchased a fledgling business in 2004 and grew it to a multi-million dollar company. Her career started in luxury goods as a manager with GIANNI VERSACE and then Vera Wang, which launched her 16-year career in the wedding industry.

Maya has a demonstrated history of leading operations, developing successful teams, and growing revenues. She’s a respected leader who thrives in creative environments where she can implement out-of-the-box strategic and analytical thinking. Her passion areas are brand development, marketing and public relations. Much of her inspiration comes from her mentors and mentees. She’s compelled to share her experiences with aspiring and successful entrepreneurs and business executives.

Maya gives back to her community by volunteering with many nonprofit organizations including Safe House Project, an anti-human sex-trafficking organization. She’s the President of the Board of Directors for Daniel’s Grace, a charitable foundation that helps families affected by cancer with their daily living needs so they can focus on the healing and support of the patient.

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