Jeffrey Hirsch

CEO/Chief Market Strategist, Hirsch Holdings Inc/Probabilities Fund Management LLC

Jeffrey A. Hirsch is CEO of Hirsch Holdings and Chief Market Strategist at Probabilities Fund Management, LLC. He is the editorin- chief of the Stock Trader’s Almanac and Almanac Investor eNewsletter at, and a Yahoo Finance contributor. Jeff is the author of The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles (Wiley, 2012) and Super Boom: Why the Dow Will Hit 38,820 and How You Can Profit from It (Wiley, 2011). Mr. Hirsch is a 30-year Wall Street veteran; he took over from founder Yale Hirsch in 2001 and regularly appears on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and many other financial media outlets. The Stock Trader’s Almanac has been published for over 50 years; the 2020 edition is the 53rd consecutive annual edition. The Probabilities Fund (PROTX) is a liquid alternative mutual fund that offers a tactical strategy to complement a diversified portfolio. Our process of timing the market based on seasonal trends and patterns, many of which are discussed in depth in the Stock Trader’s Almanac, determines its long, short, leveraged or cash position each day. Formerly a hedge fund available only to accredited investors, the Fund converted to an open-ended mutual fund at the end of 2013. Hirsch Holdings arms traders and investors with information and insights to make more profitable trades and investments. Almanac Investor eNewsletter stock picks and sector rotation focus on high probability trades for maximum returns using fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction with seasonal and cyclical trading strategies, economic trends, and historical patterns.