James Behmke

Owner & Managing Partner of Behmke Innovation Group LLC

James founded Behmke Innovation Group LLC (“BIG IP Law”) after nearly 20 years of working for someone else. As an attorney, he focuses on patent drafting and prosecution, patentability/infringement/validity opinions, reexamination proceedings, litigation support, prior art searches, and design patents. With an electrical engineering degree, his areas of technology include electrical/mechanical devices, computer software, network architecture, data storage, automotive technologies, fuel cells, medical devices, and consumer products. As a founder and business owner, James focuses on the wellbeing of his people, believing that the business is a living entity, dependent upon the success of each member of the team. James is involved in many innovative projects, putting to use his executive MBA, and is also a steering committee member of the Edison Awards, celebrating and awarding innovative products each year.

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