Dave Newmark

CEO and Co-Founder, PodSearch.com & Co-Founder, Newmark Advertising

Dave Newmark is CEO of PodSearch, an interactive directory for podcasts.  Co-founded with his wife and business partner, Patty Newmark, the PodSearch model serves as a way to help listeners find relevant content with listings that feature lots of information about the shows, to help podcasters find listeners and to help advertisers connect with podcasters to pursue sponsorship opportunities.  In this way, Newmark conceived PodSearch as an ecosystem to provide all podcast stakeholders with a means to connect.

PodSearch is Dave’s third audio-advertising company behind ad agency Newmark Advertising and a programmatic ad exchange called Bid4Spots which was sold to a European ad group in 2015.

The PodSearch website and free companion mobile app are designed to appeal to every level of podcast listener experience.  Additionally, PodSearch dedicates a section to explain how to listen to podcasts on any device, with step-by-step instructions.  The Newmarks began their effort in 2016 by studying trends in podcast listening versus awareness.  They found a striking gap – confirmed recently in a study conducted by Edison Research, revealing that 60% of Americans are aware of podcasting, but only 24% listen regularly.  This industry report further affirmed that an opportunity existed to grow overall podcast listenership if people had a go-to place to learn how to listen to podcasts and be able to easily find more shows they would enjoy.

The PodSearch team also uncovered another problem last year:  Podcasters and podcast networks needed a more effective way to get stronger exposure to listeners, especially those who are brand new to podcasts or have only listened to a handful so far.  So, to address both the listener discovery challenge and the podcaster marketing challenge, PodSearch has created a directory that will offer listeners a user-friendly interface to discover podcasts and will give podcasts greater visibility to new and more listeners.  For that benefit, podcasters pay a nominal monthly fee that the company will use to fund ongoing listener acquisition marketing efforts.  The PodSearch platform also includes an interface for advertisers and ad agencies to directly connect to show producers and networks to help them generate more revenue.

Newmark, explains, “There are thousands of podcasts available with incredibly rich and diverse programming.”  But, he noted, “The podcast industry will not be able to grow fast enough through word-of-mouth alone.  We hope to solve this industry challenge with PodSearch.”  Co-founder, Patty Newmark, added, “A rising tide lifts all boats, so if we can increase overall listenership of podcasts, both producers and listeners will benefit tremendously.”

To sign up as a PodSearch™ listener or advertiser, or to list your podcast, go to www.podsearch.com now

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