Chris Rabalais

Co-founder, AllSports Market

With 30 years of experience conceiving, building and managing international computer and I.T companies, Chris Rabalais is the co-founder of AllSportsMarket, the World’s First Sports Stock Market®.

Raised in Pineville, Louisiana by a Marine father who served in Vietnam, discipline, integrity and honor were the standards of his youth, shaping his life and business goals.
As Co-founder and managing director of The New Sports Economy Institute, Chris runs the public charity dedicated to personal empowerment through sports and finance.

“Regardless of race, creed, gender or financial status, the love of sports is a unifying force that brings the whole world together. Whether it is the Olympics, Super Bowl or World Cup, everyone shares in the pure moment of human struggle and triumph. Using that as a vehicle to spread financial literacy and create new economic opportunity for all people is the dream I fight for and the goal of AllSportsMarket and The New Sports Economy.”

Chris and Zack Ward of Global Sports Financial Exchange are moving the dream forward as they follow the legal path to full regulation in both the USA and Canada.

After that, Chris will spread the word to the rest of the world.