Brian Smith

Founder, UGG
UGG Founder Brian Smith; has become one of the most sought after speakers and business leaders in the country.
His inspirational talks and media appearances on his breakthrough business strategies are widely attended by business people of all ages from a diverse array of market sectors.

Team building, company culture, growth challenges, are all presented through a lens of vast experience, combined with a vision of a spiritual approach towards the future of business today.

What Brian Will Speaking On

A young Australian surfer in the late 70’s named Brian Smith was searching for the next big thing. Little did he know that while putting on his Australian sheepskin boots, that it would grow into one of the world’s most iconic brands. Now UGG is now a $1.08 billion company.

Join us for a candid conversation with Smith to discuss everything from how he first sold the boots out of the back of his van & persisted through thousands of rejections. Learn how he secured investors, marketed, networked, and what he learned about his audience that ultimately built the billion-dollar-brand & global phenomenon from scratch.

Brian joins the C-Suite Network to share his vision and story of how he built UGG Boots from idea to over a billion-dollar valuation.