Bob Guccione, Jr.

Founder, SPIN magazine & Founder, CEO of WONDERLUST

Bob speaks on a range of topics about the power of media, its influence over politics, commerce and culture, and how and why new media is the most important form of mass communication at this all-important time.

With equal parts inspiration and instruction, Bob describes “How to Lead a Media Revolution”, a recalling of how he started SPIN, influenced a generation, created a new breed of icons and superstars, and took tremendous and sometimes “life-threatening chances on how to bring much-needed topics to the collective consciousness. Having lost his funding for SPIN early-on, Bob shares his personal true story how he did it all through the power of passion and purpose.

Bob has been a keynote speaker and debater at Universities and organizations around the country, and at numerous media and business conferences in the US and internationally. He’s also been a regular guest on television talk and news shows.

He has spoken across a spectrum of venues, from delivering the keynote at SXSW to an address at the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California, speaking between Mikhail Gorbachev the week before and Margaret Thatcher the week after.

What Bob Will Be Speaking On

Learn How to Win by Standing Out

When Bob Guccione, Jr. started Spin Magazine from scratch to compete head to head with Rolling Stone, people laughed at him. When he sold the magazine twelve years later for $43.3 million, he left everyone asking one question: How did he do it?

And now he’s doing it again! After taking on one goliath, Guccione is now up against 2 more. He launched his newest creation, WONDERLUST, to compete against two of the largest giants in travel publishing, Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure. Guccione felt travel writing got bland, lacking an essential ingredient: humor. And he’s using that as a competitive advantage to compete in a brand-new marketplace.

Develop your competitive edge to win your market:

In a stagnant industry, there’s a major competitive opportunity for someone to come in and disrupt an undefended market…There’s no sentry at the gate when everyone else is doing business the same old ways. Leaving the door open for people wanting something new and different.

Join us for a Fireside chat with one of the media industry’s most iconic magazine editors and publishers for an absolute masterclass interview with Former Fortune 100 CMO and TV host Jeffrey Hayzlett,  and the ultimate master of Publishing, Bob Guccione Jr who will provide proven actionable steps on how to position yourself differently than the rest of your competition in a way that attracts the customers you really want.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn why so many are struggling to communicate in the digital age
  • Know how to a position your brand as the new go-to solution
  • Hear the art of story-telling
  • How to create a bond with readers/customers?
  • Learn the secret to Digital advertising