Adam Anderson

CEO, Whole Life Entrepreneurship

With 19 companies (14 failures, 1 successful exit, and 5 current startups) Adam and Kerry’s businesses almost destroyed their marriage, and their marriage almost destroyed their businesses. After almost losing it all, they discovered that business success without also success in the family was a hollow thing. Kerry wrote the book “In Bed with the Business: An Entrepreneurs Spouse’s Survival Guide”. Following the book’s success, they founded “Whole Life Entrepreneurship” with the vision of creating a movement that supports Entrepreneurs and their families. Through numerous conversations with other entrepreneurial families, they discovered that business-owning families often feel alone, stressed, and scared, and this leads to major issues in their relationships, their businesses, and their lives. Their mission at Whole Life Entrepreneurship is to provide tools, support, and community to entrepreneurial families that prevent their relationships from tanking their businesses and integrates whole life success.