Six simple steps to fight climate change

Six simple steps to fight climate change 900 504 C-Suite Network

On a global scale, the last two years has been a time of great contrasts and upheaval. While the world saw agreement on 17 inspiring UN SDGs and real enthusiasm around a global climate agenda in Paris, we have also seen dark forces emerge on all continents – working hard to reverse these monumental gains.

We have all seen and experienced these forces – ranging from a rampage of extremism and terrorist attacks on innocent people, to new “democratic” governments wielding their axe on international collaboration and current efforts to secure a sustainable planet for future generations.

Self-interest, segregation and alternative facts have been accepted mantras.

All this happens while my family and I continue to live our lives in “a peaceful, orderly and affluent bubble” in Norway. Of course, issues and challenges also exist in our community, and the impact for affected citizens is real. But when seen against the gloomy and scary global backdrop, these local issues can easily feel trivial, all while the global developments can feel totally disconnected with how we live our lives. Not good. Not easy.

I strongly believe it is important to connect the two worlds. And to do it fast.

Provoked by “the dark forces” we decided to take a step forward, and “organized” our household climate agenda into six areas – in which we will try to make better and more sustainable choices.


Until last year, I must admit, our household awareness of the “plastic issue” was fairly limited, and we pretty much used plastic as everyone else did.

In our municipality in Norway we have a very efficient system for plastic collection. Gradually we became aware that the growing heaps of plastic we collected and returned every week.

We “suddenly” also became aware that plastic is “all around us”, and used for a million trivial everyday tasks. But we also soon realized that there are so many cool alternatives available, and we found it fun and challenging to try them out.

Ever try the Swedish bamboo toothbrush – Humble Brush? Not only functional and sustainable, but based on the same “one for one” philosophy as Toms shoes.

Or what about replacing Tupperware with glass or ceramics? Or replacing “Glad-pack” with reusable “showercaps” for keeping food leftovers fresh?

Our ambition is to find more alternatives, while reclaiming and recycling 100%.

#2 STOP SHOP Light, green and organic

Stop shop light means not buying any “things” except daily necessities, but still enjoying cinemas, eating out, “experiences”, along with some travelling. I have never really enjoyed shopping, so my year off from shopping was actually quite easy, and not surprisingly very healthy for the household finances!

Do we need to throw out everything we own – following recent fads? Or stop buying anything at all – altogether. Well, that’s not the plan.

For this year, our concept is adapted and a bit more pragmatic.

Our new mantra is “purchase new to replace”….